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The core of ENERCALC is its consistently-designed, easy-to-use calculation modules.

Our modules are designed as “fill-in-the-blanks” style of interactive programs. Simply type in a value and the resulting analysis or design is instantly there for your review.

All modules in the currently available build conform to:

  • IBC 2021 / 2018 / 2015
  • ASCE 7-16 / 7-10
  • ACI 318-19 / 318-14
  • ACI 530-13
  • TMS 402-16
  • AISC 360-16 / 360-10
  • NDS 2018 / 2015

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ENERCALC provides analysis & design tools for steel beams, wood beams, concrete beams, masonry beams, multiple simple beams, composite steel beams, flitch plated wood beams, wood ledgers, & steel beams with torsional loads.


ENERCALC provides design and analysis tools for steel columns, wood columns, concrete columns, & masonry columns.


ENERCALC provides analysis & design tools for general footings (by ASD/LRFD, or by FEM), wall footings, combined footings, point loads on slab, beams on elastic foundation, pole footings, & pile groups.


ENERCALC provides analysis & design tools for concrete slender walls, masonry slender walls, concrete shear walls, masonry shear walls, & wood shear walls.


ENERCALC provides analytical tools for beam analysis, 3D FEM, 2D frames, torsional analysis of rigid diaphragms, & section property calculations.

Earth Retention

ENERCALC provides analysis & design tools for cantilevered walls, soldier pile walls, segmental walls, reinforced segmental walls, restrained walls, tapered walls, gravity walls, & gabion walls.

snow and wind load module in enercalc

Wind and Snow

ENERCALC supports two options for IBC MWFRS and one option for IBC C&C loading. We also calculate Flat Roof Snow Loads, Sloped Roof Snow Loads, Snow Drifts, & Snow Loads at Roof Projections per ASCE 7-16.

asce seismic analysis ENERCALC (photo of bracing straps)


ENERCALC calculates Seismic Base Shear and Vertical Distribution by ASCE 7-16 ELFP method.

ENERCALC Miscellaneous modules - steel base plate

Miscellaneous modules

ENERCALC provides several useful modules that don’t fit into our other calculation groups.

Modules: Rigid Diagphragm Torsion, 2D Frame, Steel Base Plate (ASR/LRFD/by FEM), Rebar Development, Point Load on Slab, Section Properties, & Steel Bolt Group.

Material / Section Databases

ENERCALC provides databases of all typical rolled steel sections, sawn wood and engineered lumber sections, material grades for steel and wood and small databases for concrete block and rebar.


ENERCALC software provides well designed calculation reports for all of its modules.

The goal of our reports is to provide clarity and efficiency.

This benefits the reviewing engineer and governmental plan check reviewer by providing well laid out, concise and thorough report that details the structural design.

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