The core of ENERCALC SEL (Structural Engineering Library) is its calculation modules. Dating back to 1982 when the Structural Engineering Library was released as a set of spreadsheet templates, our modules are designed as “fill-in-the-blanks” style of interactive programs. Simply type in a value and the resulting analysis or design is instantly there for your review.

All modules in the currently available build conform to:

The calculation module list is an ever-expanding set of structural calculations that provide analysis and design for the elements of a building. As requests are received from our users we develop additional modules…..and make use of the proven steel, concrete, timber, finite element analysis, and other engineering “solvers” we have developed.

Currently Included Modules:
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Multiple Simple Beam

Steel Beam

Composite Steel Beam

Steel Beam with Torsional Loads

Wood Beam

Concrete Beam

Masonry Beam

General Beam Analysis

Steel Column

Wood Column

Concrete Column

Masonry Column

Concrete Slender Wall

Masonry Slender Wall

Concrete Shear Wall

Masonry Shear Wall


Wood Shear Wall

General Footing

Wall Footing

Combined Footing

Point Load on Slab

2-D Frame Analysis

Torsional Analysis of Rigid Diaphragms

General Section Property Calculator

Pole Footing Embedded in Soil

Pile Group Analysis

Rebar Development

Wood Ledger

Steel Base Plate

Steel Bolt Group Analysis

Beam on Elastic Foundation

Flitch Plated Wood Beam

General Footing by FEM

Steel Base Plate by FEM


Details coming… 

Cantilevered Retaining Wall

Restrained Retaining Wall

Tapered Stem Retaining Wall

Gravity Retaining Wall

Gabion Retaining Wall

Soldier Pile Retaining Wall

Segmental Retaining Wall