Update an existing full installation of the Structural Engineering Library Build 20.

Requires an active Subscription.

Current Software Releases:

  • Structural Engineering Library: Build

Shown above are the latest builds we have created and what our installers will provide. Builds may be created and made available for download at any time. The latest builds are always available on this page.

Existing Users

Click the link at left and enter your “KW” number and “password”. (You will be given a link to request your password if needed)

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Software Installation Link for ENERCALC Build 20

INSTALL : Structural Engineering Library BUILD 20


Installation link for SEL BUILD 20 (Structural Engineering Library).

The user MUST have an active ENERCALC Subscription and have their Build 20 Product Control Code (PCC) to be entered to allow installation.


Software Installation Link for  ENERCALC Build 12

INSTALL : Structural Engineering Library Build 12


Installation link for SEL Build 12 Structural Engineering Library (Build 

The user MUST have an active subscription or a Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) that expired on or after August 2020. You will be asked for your Product Control Code (PCC) during the install process. 

Users with an Expired MSP can request an installer for their outdated software here:

Installation Info & FAQ

Installation Guide

Installation & Activation information for ENERCALC SEL (Structural Engineering Library). [PDF]

Subscriptions & Upgrades

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Full description of Subscription Plans.

Documentation Links


Introductory Videos


Browser-based documentation for the installed version of SEL documentation
PDF format documentation for the installed version of SEL
Browser-based documentation for ENERCALC 3D
PDF format documentation for ENERCALC 3D
Browser-based training manual for ENERCALC 3D
PDF format training manual for ENERCALC 3D
Browser-based verification manual for ENERCALC 3D
PDF format verification manual for ENERCALC 3D

Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledge Base

Collection of answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Cloud and installed versions of SEL

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