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Click to download the Build 20 NEW / FULL Installer
This installer will install ENERCALC on any computer – generally, the idea is that you use this one when installing for the first time. 

Click to download the Build 20 UPDATER
This installer expects ENERCALC to be installed on the PC where it runs it will UPDATE an existing installation to the current build.


Shown above is the latest build we have created and what our installer will provide. Builds may be created and made available for download at any time.

The latest build is always available on this page.

You MUST have an active Subscription to run this software.


Installation Instructions

Installation & Activation information for ENERCALC SEL. [PDF]



Build 1.2024.4.2

Click to download the current ENERCALC for Revit installer

Supports Revit 2022-2025

Outdated Software Builds - Installation Info and Download Link

Software Installation Links for ENERCALC Build 12



The user MUST have a Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) that expired on or after August 2020.

IMPORTANT:You will be asked for your Product Control Code (PCC) during the install process.

Users with an Expired MSP can request an installer for their outdated software here:

Manage Your Account / Subscription

Customer Information
Manage Your License, Renew / Cancel subscriptions, Request a PCC Resend, Change contact information, Add seats, Remove Seats, etc.

Click the link above and enter your “KW number” and password. (You will be given a link to request your password if needed)

This area shows the license owner’s contact information, license type, seat count, subscription expiration dates, and more.

You can get full installation and update download links, reactivate / cancel a subscription, order additional “seats”, display installation info and software documentation, request your “Product Control Code” be resent, request quotes and submit user information changes.


Software Text / Printable Documentation


Documentation is provided by ENERCALC in electronic form.

All 3 sources of documentation are created from the same source material. Use the one that best matches your needs.

No printed documentation is available, however you are welcome to print the PDF documentation.
ENERCALC SEL Installed Version User’s Manual [HTML browser-based documentation]

ENERCALC SEL Installed Version User’s Manual [PDF]


ENERCALC for Revit

ENERCALC for Revit User’s Manual [HTML browser-based documentation]

ENERCALC For Revit User’s Manual [PDF]




ENERCALC 3D FEM User’s Manual [HTML browser-based documentation]

ENERCALC 3D FEM User’s Manual [PDF]


ENERCALC 3D Training Manual [HTML browser-based training manual]

ENERCALC 3D Training Manual [PDF]


ENERCALC 3D Verification Manual [HTML browser-based verification manual]

ENERCALC 3D Verification Manual [PDF]

Video Documentation / Training

Introductory Videos


In addition to the documentation supplied with the software we have an ever expanding series of informative videos available.

These are not Hollywood epics… they are narrated screen capture sessions by our staff in an easy to understand, informal style.

Our goal is to give you easy visual instruction on many portions of the system to supplement the formal documentation. Please use the links below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge Base [HTML browser-based]

A collection of answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding both the installed and cloud versions of SEL.

Need technical support? See our technical support page, or email

Need Engineering Support or Technical Support?

Need engineering support or technical support? See our support page, or email