Computer System Requirements

Any typical computer manufactured since 2007 should be more than adequate to run the software. Of course, the more powerful your computer is, the better ENERCALC will perform. 

In general the requirements are:

  • 460 MB of hard disk storage
  • 66 MB of RAM to run the program
  • Windows 10, or later versions of Windows
  • ENERCALC Cloud users can use Windows, Mac, Linux, & mobile HTML5 devices
  • 64 Bit Windows is required for our installed software (Our installed software has both 32 and 64 bit components)
  • 1682×933 minimum screen resolution at 100% (normal) scaling
  • Internet connection to get updates


Referenced Building Codes and Design Standards

  • IBC 2021 / 2018 / 2015
  • CBC 2019 / 2016
  • ASCE 7-16 / 7-10
  • ACI 318-19 / 318-14
  • ACI 530-13
  • TMS 402-16
  • AISC 360-16 / 360-10
  • NDS 2018 / 2015
  • Both ASD and LRFD design capabilities are available in most modules.
  • 2009 NEHRP seismic acceleration database is included along with databases of all commonly available steel and timber sections.


Codes and Design Standards ENERCALC does not reference

ASCE 41-17 – ENERCALC is not intended for use in high seismic areas or in building types that require stringent application of the more detailed seismic provisions that applies specifically to Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings.


Installation and Licensing Configurations

ENERCALC has a simultaneous active seat license model. This means that you have the flexibility to install the software on any computer where you might like to use it. 

Our license manager grants licenses on a seat-by-seat basis, allowing simultaneous use up to the number of seats you’ve licensed. This does not require uninstall / reinstall sequences that tend to consume user and IT staff time.

Installed seats and cloud seats are equivalent to the license manager. For example, if you have purchased a 10 seat subscription, you can have 8 active users using our installed software while 2 other users are logged in and using the software on our cloud platform. 

Our internet-based license manager (also called “activation”) uses standard HTTPS API calls to validate license use. 

An example: If you have a 2 seat license, have activated the software on 2 computers at the office, and will be working at home for the weekend, you can click “Internet Deactivate” on one of the office computers and then click “Internet Activate” on your computer at home. Only a brief moment of Internet connectivity is needed for activation/ deactivation. If you forgot to deactivate the office computer before leaving there is no problem….we have a method of handling that common occurrence that does not require contacting our technical support team. You can handle it yourself quite easily from within the ENERCALC software.