ENERCALC Structural Engineering Software

Comprehensive, yet easy to use – by design. 

ENERCALC (also known as ENERCALC SEL, or the ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library) is a structural / civil engineering calculation, analysis, and design software package that includes more than 40 structural engineering design and analysis modules in one system.

ENERCALC is a versatile toolkit for the practicing engineer. Small projects of 5 stories or fewer dominate the structures built nationwide and this is where our software excels.

ENERCALC is designed to help you complete 90% of your structural engineering design work – while simplifying the process as much as possible. You’ll find a consistent user interface, colors, fonts, and workflow across each module. This consistency produces a familiarity similar to the muscle memory you develop while training for a sport.

ENERCALC provides the practicing engineer with a large toolkit of capabilities to design the elements of structures and also provides an environment to develop sets of project engineering calculations that contain other project files you create or reference, such as EXCEL spreadsheets, WORD documents, PDF files, scanned images, and general project information.

These animations illustrate six fundamental properties of ENERCALC intended to make complex design work simpler and easier.

Diverse calculation types and materials are supported by ENERCALC
ENERCALC offers easy, tabular navigation
ENERCALC offers rich, responsive graphics
ENERCALC SEL is easy to use, with simple, intuitive inputs.
ENERCALC provides detailed calculations and customizable reporting.
ENERCALC SEL Project Based Organization

Calculation Modules

Review the details of our calculation modules by type:
Beams, Columns, Foundations, Walls, Earth-Retention, Analysis, and Miscellaneous.

Material / Section Databases

ENERCALC provides databases of all typical rolled steel sections, sawn wood and engineered lumber sections, material grades for steel and wood and small databases for concrete block and rebar.


ENERCALC software provides well designed calculation reports for all of its modules.

The goal of our reports is to provide clarity and efficiency.

This benefits the reviewing engineer and governmental plan check reviewer by providing well laid out, concise and thorough report that details the structural design.

Product Specifications

Hardware and software requirements details necessary to run ENERCALC SEL


Details about our annual and monthly subscription programs

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ENERCALC offers our complete software package for download and installation and for use in the cloud. We feel that the best way to evaluate our software is to actually use it.
Allowing a prospective user to test ENERCALC and learn about the capabilities of all the modules is essential……and when you discover just how much it can do you will be excited…very excited.

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