Structural Engineering Calculation Software

Since 1982, we’ve built the structural engineering calculation software that’s helped tens of thousands of engineers. We’d like to help you too.

General Footing by FEM ENERCALC module


Our structural engineering calculation software is primarily used for discrete analysis and design of components for structures of low-to-mid-rise structures.

ENERCALC SEL includes 40+ structural calculation analysis and design modules. These modules are tools to analyze and design beams, columns, foundations, walls, earth-retention structures, 3D FEM, snow loads, wind loads, seismic requirements, and more.

You may know it as ENERCALC, the Structural Engineering Library, or SEL.

ENERCALC for Revit

ENERCALC for Revit

ENERCALC for Autodesk™ Revit™ simplifies structural design by bridging the gap between calculation & documentation.

It allows engineers to access the familiar power of ENERCALC SEL as a seamless real-time extension of your Revit environment.

ENERCALC’s use of the Revit API results in fast-paced, intuitive design with no import / export process.

Who uses our software?

In general, six groups represented by the hover-able images below:

Most of our thousands of clients are in the US, and we also have clients in 30+ countries, including:

Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, British West Indies, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Fiji Islands, Germany, Guam, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, South Sudan, Uruguay, Virgin Islands (British), and Virgin Islands (U.S.)

Structural Engineers

From simple convenience stores to sprawling airport terminals – analyze & design structural components quickly & reliably.

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Civil Engineers

Preparing a site design is more than simply grading contours – ENERCALC provides fast & intuitive design of earth retention, foundations, & more. Read more

AEC Firms

Large & small structural engineering teams alike leverage ENERCALC across the entire lifecycle of a building design. Read more

In-house Corporate Facility Design Teams

When you see cars on the road or rockets launching, remember that those companies have warehouses & other structures.

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ENERCALC serves the public and military / government sectors

Federal, State, & Local Government | Federal Research | Military | Space

From energy research to satellite launches, SAM.GOV-listed ENERCALC is involved in the analysis & design of supporting infrastructure

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Retail building & building component manufacturers

What do prefabricated building systems, engineered wood products, & precast concrete all have in common? Manufacturer design teams use ENERCALC to produce optimized structural products. Read more

What structural and civil engineers say


Almost moved to tears

I am almost moved to tears at finally finding this program and using it for the first time today. I tried various software last year and today finally found your software and it is absolutely the best I’ve ever experienced. Appreciate the help you give our industry and hope I can continue getting better with the software. Thank you so much for making my life easier!

Troy Bishop
Axiom Structures

ENERCALC for Revit

Super slick product

But I gotta say, this is a super slick product. Y’all really outdid yourselves on this one. Can’t wait to check out the column/footing/etc integration.
Ashe Simpson, PE
Project Engineer
Fuller Group, LLC