Who uses ENERCALC?

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers take advantage of ENERCALC to tackle a wide variety of daily tasks.

Our structural engineering customers run the full spectrum, including many small 1-person firms, midsize 20-50 person firms, and worldwide firms with thousands of team members.

Although the team sizes vary, the design challenges are the same. Whether checking beams and columns, sizing foundations or baseplates, or even performing a full 3D FEM analysis of your building frame – ENERCALC has you covered!

Small Firms

Many ENERCALC customers are very small companies, ranging from 1 to 5 team members. These firms often specialize in low-rise structures where the entire structural design process can be managed from start to finish with ENERCALC calculations.

Mid-Size Firms

ENERCALC is popular among mid-sized structural engineering firms that range much larger than sole proprietors, often having several dozen engineers and CAD / BIM staff. These firms typically handle a wide range of project work, from very small to larger, more complex structures. While some of these projects can be carried all the way to completion with ENERCALC calculations, ENERCALC also makes a perfect complementary tool alongside other commercial software tools as a part of a broader design process.

Large Firms

In addition to small and mid-sized firms, ENERCALC also boasts a loyal following among massive structural teams with dozens to hundreds (or even thousands) of engineers located across the US and globally. Common uses for ENERCALC on large-scale structures include early-stage preliminary or feasibility sizing, spot checks and verification of global analysis tools, design of miscellaneous components, and much more. Many firms choose ENERCALC as a reliable, high-performance alternative to the endless overhead of maintaining in-house libraries of spreadsheets and custom tools to solve common structural design problems.