Structural Engineering Calculation Software

Section Properties Analysis & Design

Module Summary

  • Analyzes a user-defined section and reports section properties
  • Includes full rolled steel section database
  • Permits rectangular and circular shapes to be defined and incorporated into the section
  • Includes eight parametrically defined custom shapes
  • Sketches the section and reports area, moments of inertia, radii of gyration, elastic and plastic section moduli, c.g. locations, and dimensions from c.g. to extreme edges
  • Offers the convenience of fill-in-the-blanks style forms and instantaneous recalculation to facilitate the evaluation of “what-if” scenarios
  • Provides highly efficient results summaries as well as generous detail in the on-screen and printed results

Working view of the Section Properties module

Consistent with all ENERCALC modules, inputs are on the left, while graphics and numerical results are displayed on the right.