Structural Engineering Calculation Software

General Footing by FEM Analysis & Design

Module Summary

  • Analyzes and designs individual footings of many different configurations for uniaxial or true biaxial moment using a behind-the-scenes finite element model
  • Incorporates user-specified factors of safety on sliding and overturning
  • Permits the application of vertical loads, overburden loads, shears, and moments
  • Allows the definition of up to five pedestals of various shapes
  • Provides parametric input for eight shapes of footings
  • Offers option to apply footing stiffness as a function of Icr or treat footing as rigid body
  • Allows up to four different Wind load conditions and four different Seismic load conditions in every model
  • Provides strength-level load combination sets for concrete design and service-level load combination sets for stability and soil pressure checks
  • Offers ability to automatically create an ENERCALC 3D calculation if deeper study is required
  • Reports reinforcing steel area requirements based on Wood-Armer method
  • Includes rich, 3D graphics that support zoom, pan, and many customizable view options.

Working view of the General Footing by FEM module

Consistent with all ENERCALC modules, inputs are on the left, while graphics and numerical results are displayed on the right.