Structural Engineering Library (SEL)

ENERCALC provides one software package named the Structural Engineering Library (SEL). That name has been continually in use by ENERCALC since 1983 when we released our first set of 26 Lotus 1-2-3 templates.

Although it goes by one name, the Structural Engineering Library is actually dozens of structural engineering design and analysis modules all in one system. It provides the practicing engineer with a large toolkit of capabilities to design the elements of structures…..and also provides an environment to develop sets of project engineering calculations that contain non-ENERCALC items such as EXCEL spreadsheets, WORD documents, PDF files, scanned images, and general project information.

The Structural Engineering Library is a versatile toolkit for the practicing engineer. Small projects of 5 stories or less dominate the structures built nationwide and this is where our software excels.

A frame analysis program has its place but all structures require design and analysis of dozens or hundreds of smaller elements that make up the building project. The Structural Engineering Library provides structural capabilities for all common design tasks in steel, concrete, masonry, timber and dozens of other design modules.


PRICING for Structural Engineering Library

You can use Structural Engineering Library (SEL) by installing it on your computer(s), or using it via the ENERCALC SE Cloud.

Structural Engineering Library (SEL) installed on your computer(s):

  • $2,195 for a one seat license
    includes 6 months of Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP).
  • $1,536.50 per seat for additional seats 2 through 5
    includes 6 months of Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP).
  • $1,317 per seat for additional seats 6+
    includes 6 months of Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP).
Yearly Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP):
  • $575 for one seat
  • $425 for each additional seat.
  • Note: Expired MSP pricing may be higher.



ENERCALC SE includes cloud-based use of Structural Engineering Library, Retain Pro and ENERCALC 3D Finite Element Modeling (FEM) / Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.

Support and all updates are included in one low price.

  • For $345, you start with a 3 month subscription. Thereafter, your card is charged $119 per month unless you cancel.
  • Additional seats are $105/month per seat. Additional seats added during the initial 3 month subscription are $315 ($105/month).
IMPORTANT: Expired ENERCALC SE Cloud subscription reactivations are required to start with a new 3 month subscription ($345).