Structural Engineering Library - Demonstration Version

This demonstration program is actually the COMPLETE software system, though as a demo it is limited in a few ways:

  • The words "Demonstration Version / Not for Commercial use" appear in the background on printouts.
  • Some input parameters are filled in by the program and cannot be entered by hand.
  • A popup window will appear every 15 minutes reminding you that you are using a demo version.
  • The program will expire after 60 days....and will cease to operate. Email to get an extension on your demo time - re-downloading the demo will not extend the demo period.

With our demonstration version you can use every aspect of the system. Check out all the screens, graphics, and printouts. We know you'll find the Structural Engineering Library (SEL) to be a very capable and convenient package to use for all of your daily engineering calculations.

NOTE TO LICENSED USERS! Do not use this demo download to install software.
This is a special build that CANNOT be activated as licensed software.

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