Structural Engineering Calculation Software

Flitch Plated Wood Beam Analysis & Design

Module Summary

  • Analyzes and designs load distribution in flitch plated wood beams
  • Permits ASD and LRFD methods
  • Allows multiple laminations of wood and steel
  • Collects shear, moment, and maximum change in shear per foot
  • Performs load distribution between wood and steel based on relative stiffness
  • Determines design shears and moments for wood and for steel
  • Calculates Group Action Factor
  • Reports steel flexural and shear checks
  • Reports bolt bearing checks for bolts at the interior of the span as well as at the bearings

Working view of the Flitch Plated Wood Beam module

Consistent with all ENERCALC modules, inputs are on the left, while graphics and numerical results are displayed on the right.