Structural Engineering Calculation Software

Composite Steel Beam Analysis & Design

Module Summary

  • Analyzes and designs individual composite steel beams
  • Includes full rolled steel section database and metal floor deck database
  • Incorporates point loads, concentrated moments, full-length uniform loads, partial-length uniform loads, and trapezoidal loads
  • Allows user to specify the timing of the application of individual loads with respect to the concrete achieving 75% of design strength
  • Incorporates either ASD or LRFD design methodology
  • Considers user-specified allowable ratios for total load deflection and live load deflection
  • Provides highly efficient results summaries as well as generous detail in the on-screen and printed results
  • Provides sketch graphics to verify dimensions and load placement – including 3D graphics that support zoom, pan, & customizable views.
  • Provides shear, moment and deflection diagrams for all load cases

Working view of the Composite Steel Beam module

Consistent with all ENERCALC modules, inputs are on the left, while graphics and numerical results are displayed on the right.

Numerical Inputs and Selections

The Composite Steel Beam module provides input / selection options for general, span and section data, span loads, and load combinations.

General inputs

Select design method, establish material properties, define slab and shear connector properties.

Span and Section Data

Select steel section from built-in database of AISC sections.

Span Loads

Specify loading with flexible controls that allow for automatic self-weight inclusion, a variety of load geometries, and the ability to indicate which loads are Construction Loads applied to the bare steel section only, which loads are applied to the precomposite section and remain after the section achieves composite action, and which loads are only superimposed on the composite section.

Load Combinations

Draw from built-in load combination sets to specify all desired design conditions, including stress/strength evaluation, deflection evaluation, and determining reactions to pass on to supporting members.

Graphical Output

The Composite Steel Beam module provides 3 distinct types of graphical outputs:

    • A 2D “sketch” with options to view span & loads or a cross-section, with load cases.
    • Moment / Shear / Deflection diagrams
    • A 3D representation of the beam that you can rotate and optionally display/hide dimensions, supports, axis, slab, and studs.
CSB Graphics 2D Sketch
CSB Graphics Moment Shear Deflection diagram
CSB Graphics 3D

Numerical Output

Numerical output from the composite steel beam module includes summary results, maximum combinations, studs, M-V summary, deflections, reactions, and properties.

Summary Results

Maximum Combinations


M-V Summary




Reporting – Convey the effort and thought behind your design

Reporting from the composite steel beam module provides the detail you need to discuss your plan with clients, plan check agencies, and others.

Granular control over your reports

The Composite Steel Beam allows you the option of including (or suppressing) load combinations, deflections, reactions, section properties, and/or stress diagrams from your printout.

View a sample report


CSB print output page 1
CSB Print page 2
CSB Print page 3