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Discover for yourself why thousands of engineering offices nationwide, and city, county, and federal plan review agencies have made ENERCALC's Structural Engineering Library the #1 structural engineering software program.

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  1. Call (800) 424-2252 or (949)645-0151, Extension #1
  2. Complete and Submit: Structural Engineering Library fax order form [pdf] / ENERCALC SE fax order form [pdf]

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Product delivery is by Internet download only. No materials are shipped. Your order will be delivered immediately after it is placed.

Select License Type and Seat Count

Selects a standalone perpetual license to the Structural Engineering Library Software. Install on multiple computers and use internet-based activation to move "active" seats between computers. Includes 6 months of our Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) which provides support and updates. When expired you can choose to renew MSP to keep up to date on new versions. If you do not pay MSP then you can continue to use the license indefinitely at whatever version you have when MSP expired.

There is a 60 day money-back return period for full license orders for NEW users only.
NOTE! If you also wish Cloud access that may be ordered after this purchase is completed.

Select to start a subscription to ENERCALC SE, our completely Cloud based suite of three programs: STRUCTURE, ENERCALC 3D and EARTH. Includes technical support. Software use through HTML5-enabled web browsers on whatever device is being used. IMPORTANT: Minimum 3 month initial term, then subscription is month to month.

If you decide ENERCALC SE is not for you, we'll be glad to refund your money within 30 days of your initial subscription purchase. Refunds are not available for recurring cloud charges.

Includes 6 months Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP)
Option: Add additional 6 month blocks of MSP


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