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This menu item provides access to useful tools that are supplied with Structural Engineering Library.




Calculator: We supply a Reverse Notation Calculator (RPN) for engineers to use for intermediate calculations when entering data. RPN calculators are the most commonly used among engineers because they allow faster mathematics solutions when nested (parenthetical) calculations are used.  It also includes a Copy button, which allows a result value to be copied to the clipboard and then pasted into an input field in Structural Engineering Library.




For more information on Reverse Polish Notation try these links:



Remove Saved Reports from Project File: This command removes any reports that have been saved in the current Project File.  It can be helpful in terms of reducing file size if a Project File is to be emailed, but it will require that the reports be regenerated before they can be printed.


Optimize file by removing abandoned records: This command removes lost records in a Project File which could occur if the program is terminated abnormally (perhaps from a power outage, lockup, network failure, lockup of another program, etc).


Register ActiveX Modules: This selection provides a process of registering components used by SEL with the operating system.

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