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Building Codes Supported

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As of August 2021, SEL supports the following codes and design standards:


Design Standards:

       American Concrete Institute publication ACI 318-14

       American Concrete Institute publication ACI 530-13

       American Forest & Paper Association publication NDS 2015/2018 Editions

       American Society of Civil Engineers publication ASCE/SEI 7-10/7-16

       American Institute of Steel Construction publication AISC 360-10, and -16

   The Masonry Society publication TMS 402/602-16


General Building Codes:

International Code Council publication International Building Code 2015 and 2018 editions. IBC references the above publications in Chapter 35. The modifications to each referenced design standard have been incorporated if applicable to the functionality provided by the individual calculation modules.


California Building Standards Commission publication 2016 California Building Code and 2019 California Building Code.

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