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Welcome to Structural Engineering Library


You've chosen one of the most respected Structural Engineering software packages available today. In continuous development since 1983, Structural Engineering Library is the culmination of years of development and refinement from suggestions of engineers worldwide.


Structural Engineering Library is developed with the practicing engineer in mind. Although large complex frames are fun projects, structural engineers spend most of their time designing and analyzing the components of structures. Because most of the buildings worldwide rely on simple beams, columns, foundations, walls, and other small items, this software system will quickly become your best friend. Structural Engineering Library remembers the mathematics, building code provisions, and standard materials you need to perform a detailed and economical design.


Because we feel that simple, repetitive engineering problems are far more common than extensive 3-D frame analysis, this software package is designed specifically for fast, interactive engineering design of building components. We've combined the typical working methods of engineers, national building code provisions, and construction material databases with the principles of structural mechanics into each "calcsheet" module. You will find that these modules operate very much like an electronic calculation pad.....simply fill in the data entries and the entire calculation will be instantly updated for your review.


To add even more power and utility to the system, we've added detailed design sketches and stress diagrams, automatic design and sizing, an online help system, material databases, and elegant calculation printing to Structural Engineering Library.


Structural Engineering Library is designed around a file of calculations called a "Project". This single file with the extension "EC6" can hold one or thousands of individual calculations. You add, edit, and delete the calculations in your Project File during the in-office design stage. Then, when it's time for submittal to a governing agency, you can print a complete set of calculations.


Because of the ever-expanding number of modules, we invite you to stay in close contact with our website at . Maintenance releases, up-to-the-minute technical advice, revised electronic documentation, and new product information will all be provided there FIRST.


ENERCALC has put years of work into this package in support of the highly technical and dedicated service Structural Engineers provide to the people of the world. We continue to enhance this product weekly and are committed to developing this product well into the future. We extend our thanks for choosing ENERCALC, and look forward to using your suggestions to provide you with ever improving tools for your daily work.

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