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At ENERCALC we are continually improving and enhancing our software. It is fairly simple to make changes to the software here in our offices, however it can be overwhelming to ship thousands of CDs to our user base. To distribute the latest software builds to the entire user base, we depend on a Web Update system. The update is provided in two ways:


Web Update System: This system is built into your software. It will check with our server to see if a newer version of the software is available and prompt you with an option to install it if available. See What Actually Happens below for a description of how it works.


The Web Update system uses Internet protocol HTTPS over port 443 to check if a newer version of the software is available and to transfer those files from our server to your computer as needed. You can configure the program to perform this check automatically every time you start the software, but it can also be performed on an on-demand basis if desired.


Select Settings > Updates from the main menu to display the web update screen as shown below:




What actually happens during an update check: What actually happens during an update check is that the software runs a program in the ENERCALC program folder named EC6WebUpdate.exe. This program connects to our Internet servers using the "HTTPS" protocol over port 443. It compares the version number you have installed with the current build of the software stored on our servers. If there is a newer build available, you are notified and upon approval, a small update installation program named EC6_WebUpdate.exe is transferred from our server to your computer. This file then executes to complete the file download and software updating/installation process.


EC6WebUpdate.exe and EC6_WebUpdate.exe are digitally signed applications that are secure to run and are virus free.


The actual updating program EC6_WebUpdate.exe that is downloaded from our server will need "write" access to the program installation folder.


Check for MAJOR updates now: This button will download the updating program from our server. This program will check your computer for a non-expired Maintenance & Support Plan and update the software to the latest allowed version.


Note: The "WebUpdate" procedure may send information to ENERCALC, Inc. about your installation and use of the software licensed from ENERCALC, Inc. This may include any of the following: your ENERCALC assigned User Registration Number, the Installed Build Number of your ENERCALC software, Internet IP address of the computer that will receive the updated files, time usage for the various portions of the software, and potentially other information only related specifically to the use of the software license. Absolutely no files, configurations, settings, or other information not specifically regarding the usage of the ENERCALC license will be sent.  If you are concerned about this, please contact us for information on what is being sent. We have an open policy on providing you with information showing what might be included.


TECH NOTE:  Some users with multiple installations may prefer to set the status of the automatic check directly through the registry entry for convenience:




Yes = 1

No = -1

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