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Cylindrical Frames

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Create > Model Generators > Cylindrical Frames prompts you with the following dialog.





It allows you to quickly generate 2D or 3D cylindrical frames.  The distance list is a comma separated list that specifies multiple distances.  For example, a distance list of “12, 2@14, 3@10” will generate distances of 12, 14, 14, 10, 10 and 10 in length unit.  You may leave the Y direction distance list empty, in which case, a plane cylindrical frame will be generated.  You may specify pinned or fixed supports at the bottom.  The generated members have the default section and material properties.  You may assign them appropriate properties using commands in the Modify ribbon.


You have the option not to generate members.  In this way, you can generate nodes on cylindrical system first.  Then you may use the command Create > Shells (Bricks) by Nodes to generate a system of shell (brick) elements.


Using the input from the screen capture above, the following 3D cylindrical frame was generated.  You may need to set the element local angles for columns for correct orientation.



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