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Load Combination Database

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This is the database of named load combination sets that can be automatically retrieved into a calculation.  Click here for a video:


A named load combination set can be established as a default and will be used whenever a new calculation is created in the Project File.  Note that it is also possible to create new load combination sets and/or revise the load combinations that are in the existing sets.  




The Load Combination Database is used to manage the load combinations that you can use across all of your Project Files.  The load combinations specified in this section are stored in a separate file and ARE NOT specific to a particular Project File.


With the Load Combination Database you can create many load combination sets. These are listed in the Code Reference column.


For each set, you can then specify the individual load combinations for both factored load and service load cases, which are used for LRFD and ASD respectively (also referred to as strength design and allowable stress design).


Please see the descriptions for the numbered keynotes on the screen capture below.




(1)  This area lists the load combination sets available for use.

(2)  Use these buttons to add, delete, copy or edit the name of load combination sets. The button with the triangle symbol means "Change" or "Edit" and is used to edit the displayed reference name for the set.




(3)  This is the area that displays all the load factors for the various load combination types.  


(4) Use these buttons to add or delete individual load combinations. The button with the triangle symbol means "Change" or "Edit" and is used to edit the numeric factors applied to each type of load for the load combination that is highlighted.


When clicking the [Add] or [Edit] button, the following dialog is displayed:




Use this dialog to specify the reference name and the values for each load factor.


(5) Click the various buttons to select the category of load combinations to display.


(6) Use the clip0158_was_BMP button to make the highlighted load combination set the default that will be used in all new ENERCALC calculations.



Using Load Combinations


When creating a NEW calculation in the Project Manager, the default load combination set is automatically loaded into the Load Combination tab in the module.


In the image below you can see that the load combinations have been loaded and are displayed on Load Combinations tab in the Masonry Column module.


The design method has been set to LRFD, so the software is displaying Factored Combinations.


We have clicked the [Select] button to open a list of the available load combination sets from the Load Combination database. Selecting one of them from this dropdown list will load those new load combinations into this particular calculation only.



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