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Project Files


Structural Engineering Library uses a single file to store the project information and all the calculations and items that are created as a part of that "Project". This file uses an "EC6" extension.


The system automatically creates backup files in the same folder that the ENERCALC Project File is stored.


To control the number of backup files to save, click Settings > General Settings and adjust the spinner control.


As Structural Engineering Library advances in capabilities, the file formats used will change, but we will always provide conversion programs for previously saved Project Files.


General Comments

Each ENERCALC Project File contains all information on a Project. There are no other files you will need to keep track of.


Always remember that the Project Manager is showing you the Divisions and calculations for the current Project. It is NOT showing you a disk directory structure.


There is no Save item on the File menu. After you have edited a calculation, you can either click [SAVE] or [SAVE & CLOSE] within the individual modules.  Either one will save the calculation data to the Project File.



Database Files


A number of database files are supplied with Structural Engineering Library. These files contain AISC section properties, NDS stress grades, wood section properties, seismic acceleration data, USA cities & Zip Codes, and other files. These files are not to be edited or modified in any way by the user.



User-Created Database Files


The user can create User Defined database files to store their own steel sections, wood sections and wood stress databases.  These files are created and stored in the same folder as the other database files.  User defined database files are differentiated from the standard database files that are delivered with the software by inserting the word "_USER" in the filename.

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